Slipknot – Iowa Review

‘Iowa‘, Slipknot’s second studio album is a dark, nihilistic, hectic, violent and multi-textured album. With a group as large as Slipknot (9 musicians), it could go either way for what each member of the group brings to each individual song as well as the project as a whole. From the beginning on ‘(515)’ with the […]

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Danny Brown – XXX Review

Released in the summer of 2011, Danny Brown’s first major project, ‘XXX’, released via Fool’s Gold, is a project ranging from the filthiest selection of hardcore Hip-Hop beats to silky, depressing instrumentals which show a side of Danny which some fans still can’t get a grip on. While it is titled an ‘album’ and is […]

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Frank Ocean – Blond Review

To say ‘waiting for Frank Ocean’s album was easy’ is an utter lie. After Frank blessed the Universe and his fans with his extremely brightly coloured debut studio album, ‘Channel ORANGE‘, he disappeared with little to no social media or anything presence. As the four years went by, with very minimal Frank being released or […]

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FLATBUSH ZOMBiES – BetterOffDead Review

Erick Arc Elliott, ZOMBiE Juice and Meechy Darko make up the incredible trio of what we call the Rap group; FLATBUSH ZOMBiES. First thing to say about everyone’s favourite living ZOMBiES is that you can’t expect anything. Although their first mixtape, ‘D.R.U.G.S.‘ was a psychedelic, mind-boggling, too-smoked-out-to-do-anything-but-smoke vibes, ‘BetterOffDead‘ is completely and utterly different. Released […]

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