Da$h, Playboi Carti & Maxo Kream – Fetti (Single) Review

Each of these rappers are respectively in their own lane and although I would rarely review a single or a loosie, this track deserves its own post.

On the chorus is A$AP Mob and Awful Records affiliate (and recently signed Interscope signee?) Playboi Carti. While the track credits him as the primary artist of the song, with only being on chorus duty, Carti kills the chorus. Rapping over psychedelic and late night smoke session keys, thumping bass and the classic Kill Bill siren, Carti sets the tone for the smoked out track with lines like ‘lean in my cup, gas in my blunt’…you can tell this track is gonna be chill smoke vibes but hyped at the ‘Same Damn Time’. [Insert Future ad-libs]

Da$h, another A$AP Mob affiliate, who luckily appeared on multiple tracks on the A$AP Mob debut tape ‘Lords Never Worry’ gives listeners a slow as codeine flow. Rapping about his drug abuse, spending countless amounts of money on his grills and getting that ‘Fetti’. One of the standout bars from Da$h on the track is the Earl Sweatshirt/A$AP Rocky-esque ‘Converse with my addictions, don’t talk I just listen, five drugs that I’m mixing, money only thing on my vision’. Da$h’s flow is as hard as nails on this beat and on his project ’17 More Minutes’, the same grizzly sonic sound is displayed.

After another chorus, we get Maxo Kream, the latest rapper from Houston to be buzzing around the Hip-Hop world from his major breakout project ‘Maxo187’ and this year’s ‘The Persona Tape’. Maxo in no other words, eats this track up, spits it back out…and eats it again. While the first third of his verse is slow over that dreamy keyboard, the bass kicks back in and Maxo goes IN! Rapping about previous drug dealing, Maxo uses vivid imagery throughout his verse. Stellar standouts include; ‘Matte black on Rover, the Bat Mobile’, ‘My plug name is David’, ‘I’m short on my patience, I’m serving my patient, I’m very impatient’ and ‘three bitches run to me, that’s a perfect ratio’.

In overall, this track is a million fire emoji’s. It’s dark, druggy, and smoky but most of all lit. All three rappers bring their own to the track and should have honestly hooked up for more tracks between themselves. Smoke one.



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