Flying Lotus – You’re Dead! Review

Flying Lotus’ latest LP, ‘You’re Dead‘, is a musical, cinematic mindfuck (to say the least). Starting off with the incredibly intense ‘Theme’, which has a variety of instruments and samples being used and smashed up against another that makes the beginning of the album seem as if this is what ‘it must sound like’ to be dying; the transitioning into death.

As the album continues, you have no idea where it may take you. FlyLo provides melancholy and trippy instrumentals which tell a minute part of the story that is progressing the story of the album. As well as this, after five solo instrumentals, all provided by FlyLo as well as legendary Jazz keyboardist, Herbie Hancock on the second track ‘Tesla’, veteran rapper, Snoop Dogg makes an appearance on the particularly trippy and bouncy cut, ‘Dead Man’s Tetris’, which has FlyLo’s alter-ego, Captain Murphy also making a ‘guest appearance’.

As the album continues and the beats get weirder, longer, and shorter and contain only ad-libs from label mate, Thundercat or previous collaborators, Angel Deradoorian and Niki Randa, it provides an insight into the mind of the genius electronic producer as well as how he sees death…from a musical point of view.

Tracks like ‘Never Catch Me’, which includes a fiery verse from Kendrick Lamar, a cool piano, jazzy drum, a beautiful base line and adlibs from Thundercat is a perfect example of the three kinds of artists who should get together more often. The song is dark yet shows a positive light on the topic of death. As well as this, there is the tear-jerking, ‘Coronus, The Terminator’, which has beautiful harmonies in the background yet the beat is so sad and doesn’t stop me from shedding a tear every time I hear it.

To conclude, Flying Lotus is a one-of-a-kind producer. He gathers a variety of instrumentals and collaborators to make music which you don’t sit down to and just vibe to, but you *listen* to. You can hear emotions, you can feel the pain on some songs that FlyLo is trying to push out for us to hear and understand. ‘Ready err Not’, probably the creepiest track on the album along with ‘The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep’ is also a great example of how FlyLo’s mind perceives the idea of transitioning into death and hearing how he wants it to be heard, making the songs on this album all that more interesting to listen to.

The album may be short in length, yet plays out a movie so visual in your head that once you’ve finished the album, you can’t help but think…is that it?



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