FKA Twigs – EP2

Never listening to the Electronic/Soul/R&B singer, FKA Twigs before, I was hesitant as it isn’t a genre or artist, that I am normally drifted towards. However, after a group of friends played me her and being (slightly) under the influence, I was receptive to the idea of her and her music.

Released towards the end of summer 2013, listening to this extended play the first time does send shock waves of times reminiscent back then.

Anyway, the first track, ‘How’s That‘ is supported by a distorted bassline with deep synths and sporadic hi-hats. Yet, although the beat is all over the place and has an unethical Electronic/Techno/R&B sound to it, supported minimally at the beginning by Twig harmonizing around the beat as it gets more technical and odd with weird video-game sound effects throughout. Although Twigs isn’t singing throughout the entire song, her displaced vocals and distortion of them pave her own little niche genre of Psychedelic R&B.


The second song, ‘Papi Pacify‘ has a slow instrumental. Twigs sings elegantly over the beat in multiple tones with high-pitched harmonies and monotone verses. It may be to early to say, but maybe the crazy beat-genius Flying Lotus and FKA need to hook up for a creepy, electronic dance track? It’s not like FlyLo hasn’t done it before. FKA doesn’t necessarily need to rely on her voice throughout the whole song, like the majority of pop artists today, yet instead uses short, sweet yet moody vocals and intense beats to carry her sound that sounds like a mixture of Lana Del Rey, Flying Lotus and High Klassified.

The third song on the EP, ‘Water Me‘, starts off with distorted vocals, a Drum and Bass like drum pattern and a once in a while bass kick. FKA sings on the track about a past or present relationship, which she compares her lover to water and that she wants them to ‘water her’. The idea of an individual who is in love or has feelings for someone being compared to the fluidity of water and the essential of it for us humans, is actually, just thinking about it, quite upsetting and I can totally relate to the emotions she projects on the track.


Finally, the last track on the album, ‘Ultraviolet‘ is probably the most minimalist song on the EP. The beat only contains drum-stick hits, a unorthodox breakdown around a minute in with her vocals mixed into the beat to create a synth-like effect and psychedelic hi-hats.

On a first listen of the female superstar, I was not disappointed, but too be even more brutally honest, I’m disappointed in myself for not listening to her sooner. It was more than a pleasurable listen and I can’t wait to listen to more of her projects and listen to whatever she puts out next.



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