Low Pros – EP1 Review

The electric duo of House and Electronic DJ, A-Trak and Trap connoisseur Lex Luger came together in 2014 for the short yet bass-heavy and wild project titled “EP1” under the group name; Low Pros.


The EP which only contains 9 tracks is not a letdown. “Intro” is a perfect starter to the tape. With subtle hi-hats, chopped up samples, blaring horns and booming synths throughout, the two producers show us that the two of them make a great duo together.

The Heavy House/Trap single from the EP, “100 Bottles” featuring Travis Scott, whose performed at A-Trak’s labels festival ‘Fools Gold’s Day Off’ supplies auto-tuned and crooning vocals to the track. Although he’s only on the chorus, this allows A-Trak and Lex to show off their chemistry as producers as well as how meshing two similar genres together, isn’t always as bad as one may deem to be. However, the remix of the track featuring A$AP Ferg is a preferred version. Ferg smashes the two verses he contributes, yet, the mixing of this version, especially the drums on the bridge, are not as ear-pleasing as the original.


While the majority of the tape does contain lyrics on top of the beats, the only one that is 110% all instrumental is the volcanic “Ohmygosh“. The trippy, psychedelic, heavy electronic and trap-inspired song is one that you can’t just listen to once. From the start with the glistening keyboard and wavey synths to head-banging claps, it was evident that the track would bang. The second drop of the song though is a production standout. With the earphone-breaking bass, and sampled ‘woops’ of the synthesisers, A-Trak and Lex, as well as Metro Boomin’, High Klassified and Brillz who provide additional production, all show their skills as beat craftsman.

The additionally produced Metro Boomin’ “Jack Tripper” is another standout amongst the EP’s tracklist. Young Thug and Peewee Longway appear again together on the track and give their fans a taste of what could’ve been potentially a great collabo tape. The two go back on forth with their verses, talking about snatching women from their men and making them theirs.


While the tape is short, it keeps itself sweet. The duo of Low Pros showcases their ability to make tapes that combine two genres together as well as produce a selection of songs that are all as aggressively catchy and bouncy as the last.

Now, we wait till “EP2”.


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