Where is Blue Chips 7?

It’s been a long time since Ghostface Killah…I mean Action Bronson, released a full-length musical project. The last official project from the Queens spitter was the experimental yet still positive LP “Mr. Wonderful” which was blessed by Instagram artist Freakorico for the cover art as well as the singles that led up to the album’s release.

However, since then, all we’ve gotten from Bronsolino are spams of his latest partnership with VICE for his TV shows; Fuck That’s Delicious and Travelling the Stars: Action Bronson and Friends Watch ‘Ancient Aliens’.


Oh, I also forgot, he also announced that his latest project would be titled ‘Blue Chips 7’.

In March of last year, Bronson took to Twitter to announce the project and while there’s been nothing from Actions’ camp or his frequent collaborators, the question of when the latest Queens rappers project will drop is misty.

Blue Chips‘ and ‘Blue Chips 2‘, both produced by dynamic production duo, Party Supplies, were great projects. They gave Bronson listeners a picture of the extravagant lifestyle he lives, while always being comical and charismatic but still being an interesting individual in Hip-Hop.

While I have no say in the situation, as I’m just another 20-year-old intern from London who has no contacts to anyone in the music industry, I’m glad Action is putting his hands into other industries and opportunities for him to gain recognition.

Yet, I need new Action Bronson. Yes, he was, to some extent, musically active, by contributing vocals to Meyhem Lauren‘s recent release ‘Piatto D’Oro‘, but that’s not enough.

Although he released the “Durag Vs. Headband” single back in October, it isn’t enough to hold a fanbase over.

So, is Action Bronson still a rapper or is he concentrating on marketing and progressing himself into other endeavours?

Anyway, if Action Bronson is going to bless our ears with music this year, especially with the long-awaited ‘Blue Chips 7’ it needs to be better than the previous two as well as ‘Mr. Wonderful’. The only way to do so; experiment.


Not only should he get his regular producers to supply the instrumentals (Harry Fraud, Party Supplies & Statik Selektah) but also find other producers or artist that would compliment his aesthetic and sound.

Take The Alchemist cut from last year, “Jabroni“. It featured Philly’s Mac Miller and ATL’s Migos. An unlikely collab but one that didn’t disappoint. With such varying styles, it made it an interesting listen to hear the four on a track together.

If AB were to use this formula, who knows who he could link up with?

If I had to choose from producers and artists – Definitely more Mark Ronson production, RZA production, a much needed Kendrick Lamar collaboration, a Flying Lotus beat that is even beyond trippy and a smooth jazzy Madlib beat.

Sure, rushing an album or any music project will take its toll on the quality of the project, but if Action is recording and expanding his creative branches, then (hopefully) it’ll be worth the wait. Considering he just skipped from 3-6, so I’m expecting some wild bars about food, women and smoking weed oil by the food critique/rapper.



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