Vince Staples – Hell Can Wait Review

Before the release of his much critically acclaimed debut album ‘Summertime 06‘, Vince released the brutal and unforgiving EP, ‘Hell Can Wait‘.

Containing only 7 tracks, the EP is short but in the small amount of time that it plays, there’s not a track that shows off the dynamic rappers skills as a lyricist and a gritty storyteller.

The opening track “Fire“, which indeed it is, produced by Anthony Kilhoffer, J Gramm and Travis Scott, includes smashing drum symbols and a Rock inspired bass line that sounds like something off of DeftonesWhite Pony‘ LP.


The second track, “65 Hunnid” supported by a post-apocalyptic, Nu-Jazz instrumental is a definite standout. Staples details the gangbanging lifestyle he grew up around and the reality of being a part of a destructive social group.

The fourth track, “Hands Up” is a ferocious single depicting the forever rising statistics of American police doing racial profiling on POC and how that the colour of their skin “is enough to put you under arrest”.


The final track on the EP, “Feelin’ the Love” is one of Vince’s best solo tracks to date as well as the best song on the tape. A distorted bass, lo-fi drums and summer-esque synths on the chorus support Vince’s cool yet fearless tone on the track.

Overall, Vince shows off his creativity on the album as well as being a contender for another rapper today overlooked by more commercialised artists, such as Young Thug, Migos and Drake.


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