An 808 Mafia Album – Needed or not?

If you’re a fan of 808 Mafia, you know it’s not just one producer but a large collective of talented producers. Originally formed by Waka Flocka, Lex Luger and Southside for the purpose of creating the instrumentals to Waka’s breakout album ‘Flockavelli‘; it developed and evolved into one of the most demanded group of producers in Hip-Hop today.

Working with a large range of rappers from Gucci Mane, Future, Jay-Z, Da$h, Young Thug and Curren$y; they already have their collaborators under their belts; so what’s stopping Southside, TM88Tarentino and all the others coming together to create a thumping Trap album? Apart from their schedules…

There are so many songs that display all of the producers’ skills and variety in style, yet still keeping the sound gritty and Trap orientated. These include the Chris Fresh produced “Fetti”, TM’s totally underrated skills as an electronic producer on Juicy J‘s “Tap Back” as well as Southside’s production on Future’s “Special” which is blessed by Young Scooter‘s catchy ad-libs.

However, although the thought of 808 Mafia coming together and crafting a heavy influenced Trap sound and project, the question really does weigh on my shoulders; would it be necessary to have this album and would it be a success?

In my honest opinion, I think there is the potential of a great project to be crafted by all members of 808 Mafia but pushing it as an album could be too much. Sure, they’d have a list of guest features on the album that would attract fans and critics, yet, would it do well on the charts? Would it allow other producers like MP808 and Chris Fresh to breakout into the mainstream? Most likely not. That shouldn’t stop them coming together to craft a collaborative project that could be billed as a mixtape and gain more attention than an album as well as allow them to have more creative freedom.

I guess that the definite answer to an 808 Mafia album is no. However, I wouldn’t turn down a 12-track mixtape or even an EP.



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