Migos – YRN2 Review

The ATL trio; Quavo, Takeoff and Offset, commonly known as Migos, are one of the most eccentric and exciting Trap groups to come out.

Their rise to fame, through legal incidents, a Drake remix of “Versace“, a meme epidemic, cameo in a TV show and great guest verses and projects over the last years has all come to where they are now.

However, let’s go back (to the bando) for a few minutes and revisit their 2016 mixtape ‘Y.R.N 2‘.


The self-titled opening track is a clear indication of their relevance to Trap music today, their place in Hip-Hop as well as what they have done for the ‘C U L T U R E’ – making the ‘dab’ universal, created their own slang, developed the Three 6 Mafia flow and being a Hip-Hop group that all individuals allow to shine.

The first track that standouts on the track-listing is “WOA“. Dun Deal produces a piano-driven beat with heavy trap hi-hats and a pretty fucking LiT sample of an Egyptian like synth. All three Migo’ verses are great as well but the underdog of the group (at the time) Offset steals the show with the final verse as he always has to use extravagant rhyme patterns and always fierce tones.

osAnother highlight would be “Chances“. It reflects on the drug dealings, robberies and other issues they’ve had to withstand to come to where they are now. The best verse on this Stackboy Twan produced track has to be from Takeoff who “skrrrts” into his verse and claims to be one of the most influential individuals in today’s Hip-Hop culture.

toWhile the majority of the tracks on this album are all great, the one that stands out the most is the 30 Roc “MuhFuckn Tired“, inspired by an Instagram post by Young Thug’s daughter. The track is hard, with a wicked synthesiser that gives it a darker and more ratchet sound, while the three Migos’ rap about how today’s competition to them is not enough and coincidentally, quote offset, “I’M TIRED!”.

While the opening track, “You Wanna See” and other songs on the album don’t live up to the aggressiveness of the tracks already mentioned, it still shows their ability to rap over chill or hype Trap instrumentals as well as how they’ve developed their lyrical abilities since their debut ‘Jugg Season‘ as well as the album that popularised them into the music industry. I’m only hoping that with the imminent release of ‘CULTURE’ on Friday we will see more from the three Migos members as well as a solo Takeoff or Offset song…or just a Migos song without Quavo.



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