A$AP Mob – Cozy Tapes: Vol.1 Friends Review

I’ll start off on a positive note for this review; because this album/mixtape/compilation, is straight up (shoutout Travis) B.A.D. I was, at first, excited for the release of the album. Before and after the untimely death of A$AB Mob founder, A$AP Yams, the idea of the album was already there. Originally titled “L.O.R.D.S.” and penultimately changed closer to the release, it is an ode to Yambo. Although the guest features and overall look of the album glistens with potential, upon hearing it, the correct word would be disappointment.

wavyboneThe first track on the album, “Yamborghini High” featuring the never-not-entertaining ad-libs by Juicy J, is the only track to feature all the Mob members on the project. However, unlike the single version, the album version has an introduction where the members waffle on for a good 2 or so minutes..about Backwoods and being cozy. However, the track itself, produced by¬†Delgado, has thumping bass kicks, samples of cars screeching, a simple hi-hat pattern and DJ scratches. All the mob members provide great verses, although A$AP Ferg‘s by far the most dynamic as he rhymes while using a melody to flow like water over the beat. Another track that stands out, features wise, is “Way Hii”. What sold this song to me was BJ the Chicago Kid. He sings smoothly over the Trap-but R&B beat yet a verse from the Kid would’ve been appreciated. What ruined this song was the switch-up of Rocky’s and Wiz Khalifa‘s verses as they both sound exactly the same on this track. As well as this, the raps and concept of the song has been done before and sadly, the great features on this track is what lets it sadly down.
ar“Young N*gga Living” is a chill but turnt track and sees only A$AP Mob members, Ant, Twelvvy & Ferg rapping over it. While Ant’s verse is nothing special or tops his “Bath Salts” verse, Ferg, undoubtedly steals the show. Its only unfortunate that the sound he explored on “Lord$ Never Worry” on this tape and other solo and featured tracks.ferggg


Finally, the last highlight from the album is the UK-represented track “Put That On My Set” featuring Skepta. The beat sounds like something off of ‘Live.Love.A$AP‘ and the cool summer trumpet sound in the background adds a nostalgic but gangster-esque vibe to it. Not being a fan of Skepta, I really enjoyed his verse as well. He mixes perfectly with the British sound on top of the New York beat.

Overall, it’s a weak project. While it’s dubbed an A$AP Mob tape, A$AP Rocky, the head of the crew, is on 8/12 tracks while the other four are only dubbed an A$AP Ant or Nast song. Simply put, instead of this album/mixtape, whatever it is, trying to show off the talents of the new York rap collective, it is more of a crowded and overhyped effort. There are wasteful features (Buddy, Key! & Tyler, the Creator) and it feels more of a solo album by Rocky and where he can’t fit in on the track, a forgettable one takes it place.



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