Maxo Kream – The next Rapper to blow up in 2017?

In today’s Hip-Hop and well over the entire music industry, that the only way an artist can stay relevant today is by producing large amounts of music; whether it be in the form of visuals, audio, touring or merch. 2016 saw the Houston native, Maxo Kream, suddenly rise and gain attention for his dense, horror-core, Trap tape, ‘The Persona Tape‘, which featured Houston legend Paul Wall, Key! and Playboi Carti.


Since the release of the mixtape in the summer, Maxo has stayed relatively quiet; until yesterday with the release of his newest single, ‘Grannies‘. A bass thumping instrumental which sees Maxo reminiscing   of the time he was kicked out of his house by his parents and had to live with his ‘Grannie’. The overall sound of the single isn’t anything new to Maxo, however, his bars are deep and his style, which sounds inspired by A$AP Mob, Paul Wall, DJ Screw (R.I.P) and Atlanta’s forever buzzing Trap scene, is something he’s evidently improved. When the track finished, I was disappointed…being that there isn’t any more new Maxo out yet.

So, the question is, is Maxo Kream the next rapper to blow up in 2017? The single is a strong start for Maxo’s year and he’s already confirmed he’s working on an album for a release this year. Let alone the features on ‘The Persona Tape’, he’s also collaborated with the Glory Boyz/Savage Squad/Drill rapper Fredo Santana for three songs (all which B.A.N.G.), Awful Records head Father, and spotted with Travis Scott, A$AP Ferg, ScHoolBoy Q and  New Jersey representative Retch.retchymaxo

It would be smart for Maxo to have the majority of tracks on the album to be solo to show off his grizzly and realism lyrics and stories, however, a featured artist is never bad, unless the featured artists input is bad.

In all, Maxo is a rapper to keep all eyes on and until his debut studio album drops, the hype will only get bigger.


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