Matching audio to visuals – The Synergy of Music

Do you ever generally, just listen to music and in your head can imagine how a music video for that song you know all the words to would look like when it’s out there? In all genres of music, I believe it’s important for the artists’ who release visuals to their music regularly, or when they do, that the audio and visuals match. The majority of times, I have nothing but praises for them. However, factors like the environment they’re in for the shoot, the audio-to-visual representation of certain lyrics or a bar, or even just the general vibe of the song can play a big part of how an artist and their creative team connect their fans to their music and what they represent.

A recent example of this would be Young Thug’s music video for his ‘JEFFERY’-cut, “Wyclef Jean”.

The video, directed by Pomp&Clout and narrated by Ryan Staake throughout in a slideshow fashion, shows how the video shoot for one of Thugger’s simplistic and craziest music videos…shows him for only about 10 seconds…eating cheetos…from another set. The video displays how quickly the shoot went from ‘fucked’ to ‘fucked-up’ for everyone there, while, still making the visuals a fun and colourful representation of Jeffery’s imagination.

There’s also no doubt, that the first major concept and one of the best videos of all time will be Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Although the video is a lengthy thirteen and a half minutes, it was the subtle introduction that creating the ‘normal’ music video no longer existed.

The idea for this video alone is the reason Kanye West’s visual interpretation of his album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ titled “Runaway” was able to allow him to craft a 35 minute video. In typical Kanye fashion, it is extremely artsy, flamboyant and singles Kanye out amongst the majority of his peers when it comes to visualising his music.

In all, I think it’s safe to say that music audio transgressing into visual form is important. It has to represent the ideas of the song, capture the emotions of the lyrics and be portrayed in a way that fans and critics will be able to see ‘eye-to-eye’ with the artists’ creativity.


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