2 Chainz – Hibachi For Lunch Review

2 Chainz, A.K.A, Tity Boi, an original member of the Rap-duo Playaz Circle alongside Dolla Boy, had an extremely busy 2016. Not only did he release a collaborative project with New Orleans OG, Lil Wayne, he also released two EPs and a mixtape.

So, lets’ get to the review. ‘Hibachi for Lunch‘, a 7 track EP, boasting features from some of today’s most sort out rappers, R&B crooners and a glistening line-up of producers was a triumphant end for Tity’s 2016.

While it is nothing, lyrically contextual different to a lot of commercial Trap/Hip-Hop, codeine-obsessed, bragging about wealth, clothes, VVS diamonds and women, 2 Chainz supplies a short, sharp and entertaining EP. Tracks such as “Diamonds Talkin Back” has a dark subtle piano loop, trippy bass line and sporadic synths throughout.

It’s one of the better solo Tity tracks on the project as well as from his 2016 run. A definite highlight would be the Quavo and Gucci Mane featured “Good Drank” produced by legendary Mike Dean. Dean provides a piano loop reminiscent of his work on ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy‘ as well as synths that vibrate nostalgia of the days that these (t)rappers use to sell drugs and the wealth they’ve gained since those days.

The FKi-cut “Lil Baby” with TY$ is the smoothest track on the EP. Chainz has a cool flow over the beat with distorted vocal samples, dreamy synths and wicked programming of the hi-hats and snares. However, the most interesting song on the tape would be the DJ Paul produced “Doors Open” featuring fellow ATLien Future. The beat is monstrous and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the beat was initially meant for one of the two “Year of the Six” albums Paul recently dropped. Future’s feature is also the most turnt on the EP. Sounding perked and leaned out, it’s one of the only vocal performances which I struggle to understand what he’s rapping.


Overall, it’s a strong tape and displays 2 Chainz as a strong and focused rapper who is always looking to please his fan base. While the projects released these year aren’t as commercialised as his Def Jam studio albums, ‘B.O.A.T.S’, there is still the influence of Pop and radio-esque beats and features that make him a demanded artist.




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