Big Sean – I Decided Review

Today, Big Sean, one of GOOD Music’s most consistent and exciting signees, dropped his fourth major studio album. ‘I Decided‘ quote Sean Don is a “concept album”. Compared to ‘TPAB‘ or ‘Coathanga Strangla‘ as concept albums, Sean doesn’t really live up to that statement. However, there is definitely a fresh breeze from Sean’s new album.


The second track “Lights” featuring R&B star, Jeremiah is a nice entrance to the new sound. With dreamy keys, a strong and motivated flow from Sean and short but sweet chorus from Jeremiah, it’s a good start to the album. Sean sounds more focused on his lyrics, his flows as well as the idea of song concepts.

The second track, “Bounce Back” on the other hand, I hadn’t heard till today; and i have a problem with it. The beat, supposedly produced by Hitmaka and co-production from Metro Boomin’ and Smash David originally appeared on Juicy J‘s summer mixtape ‘Lit in Ceylon‘. Instead, the song title was “ACT” and only produced by TM88. The beat is exactly the same apart from a couple pitches of instruments, however, this song was ruined for me because TM didn’t get given any credit by Sean and, as already said, there are very minimal differences between the beats, which ruins the authenticity of this particular song (in my head).

What most definitely is the standout track on the tracklist is the Eminem-featured “No Favours”. A song that Sean calls out all the snakes and sheep he’s encountered in the industry and that it’s time for him to develop his own individual sound. Like Zane Lowe said, “Eminem doesn’t even sound like Eminem”. It’s true! The lyrics, flow, even pronunciation of syllables are reminiscent of ‘The Slim Shady LP‘ or ‘Relapse‘.  Got to give a shoutout to Wondagurl as well for getting Eminem to rap on one of her beats!

Songs like “Jump out the Window”, “Same Time Pt. 1” (dubbed as a TWENTY88 track) and “Sunday Morning Jacket” featuring The-Dream are great additions on the album however, don’t make me ViBE as much as other songs. “Voices in My Head / Stick to the Plan” is one of the best solo tracks to come from Sean as well in a long time. The first half has African-like drum percussions in the background, bouncy synths and rattling hi-hats. Yet, when Metro’s tag comes in half a minute in, I knew it was one of the best songs on the album. It’s demonic, gritty yet inspiring.


Lastly, the Migos assisted “Sacrifices” is amazing. No lie, quote Drake. The strings, the bass, Sean’s two-time flow is great cause he still has the ability to create fun and ratchet songs. Offset keeps the pace of the song going and the transitioning into Quavo’s verse is a perfect switch-up on the beat and shows that Migos really are the C U L T U R E.

In overall, there is a clear sign of progression on Sean’s part. He sounds hungrier than ever, no song, unless I said, are all great and showcase that Sean is still a rapper that will be around the next couple of years. Unfortunately, the amount of producers and additional writing credits on the album ask the question whether how much Sean wrote for the album. Finally, who would’ve thought Migos and Eminem would appear on the same album?



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