I hadn’t heard of the 18-year-old producer/rapper/singer until I recently read an article on HotNewHipHop about the rise of the Madison teen.

So, intrigued by the interview, I decided to do a bit of listening and am not even close to disappointed but ecstatic. Already, Trapo is a breath of fresh air for Hip-Hop as well as the music scene in general. Admittedly, I am quite late getting on the Trapo boat. This particular project was released in March of last year…if only I had been aware of it then instead of now.

So, lets get to it.

The album is light and contains many elements of a variety of genres from Psychedelic Rock such as The Doors, Contemporary-Pop, Hip-Hop, Funk and Soul. Immediately from the opening song “Never Run”, distorted drum percussion play, a luxurious synth support Trapo’s bright and uncompromising vocals.


What may already be one of my favourite songs of 2017 already is the Frank Ocean/Earl Sweatshirt/André 3000-esque “She Moved On”. The beginning starts with cool keys, minimal bass but when the beat drops…just pure fire emoji. Trapo’s flow over the live-like instrumental, reminiscent of “ATLiens” or “Aquemini“. The track tackles depression loneliness and drug-use. The use of the different pitches of voices as well add to the diverse style Trapo is still exploring.

The next track, “Prototype” focuses on a girl who Trapo is trying to become partners with. The additional vocals by Max Wonders on the chorus compliment Trapo’s rough teenage-voice.

“Cruise Control” is a definite standout. Trap’s distorted vocals over the track adds aesthetic to the overall project as well as challenges the regular sound a rapper would go for. However, Trap pulls off the style well. On this track, he sounds like a mixtape-day KiD CuDi. The swirling synth in the background throughout also adds an Electronic music vibe similar to High Klassified.

Definitely one of Trapo’s hardest tracks on the EP is “Special/Therapy”. Trap hi-hats, rolling snares and the Minds’ vocals on the chorus are a great addition. He discusses the double standards of relationships and how one girl in particular could “never be treated special”.


“Marry” is one of the smoother tracks on the tracklist. At only 1:45 seconds long, Trapo harmonises over the guitar strings and drums. While most rappers today rely on extremely layered instrumentals, Trapo seems to find ease with the laid-back, stripped down beats…something that acclaimed producer Rick Rubin would give credit for.

The last track, “Chicago” is the standout track on the EP. While showing his ability to rap/vocalise and produce, he also shows that he’s able to intrigue the listener with his experimental Hip-Hop , young and loud voice and his storytelling skills.

In all, Trapo is the next best thing to be coming out for Hip-Hop. He’s young, ambitious, diversified and motivating to listen to. His music is a clear representation of him and his creativity shouldn’t go unnoticed any longer.



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