Future – FUTURE Review

“(There is) no time like the present”.

Earlier last week, the ATL crooner teased that a new self-titled album would be dropping Friday. Obviously, the #FutureHive started to buzz and when the album did drop…all I could hear was raw, authentic, stripped back Future.

From the aggressive intro track produced by The Beat Bully, a haunting choir sample hums in the back, minimal snare claps and frightening hi-hats allow Future to display a melodic flow as well as remind us that he came from nothing and that he’s still the same rapper who dropped ‘Pluto‘.


Highlights from the album are always subjective, however in this instance, it would be safe to say that mine alone as well as the rest of the #FutureHive are similar. The first one that sticks out the most is the Southside, !llMind and Fuse produced “Zoom”. The sporadic and geeked-out flow from Future, the psychedelic keys, the African-drum-like drums in the back and distorted synth playing every now and then adds a dark but LiT atmosphere to the album.

“Super Trapper” is another standout. The airy keys in the back, aggressive claps of snares and hi-hats, extremely trippy but still TRAP synth and Future’s laid back vocals give the same kind of feel as his ‘DS2‘ cut “Lil One”. Obviously, a highlight has too be the Metro Boomin’-cut “Mask Off”. Not only is the song brilliant for Future’s ability to rap and flow over a variety of beats, but this one in particular is an anomaly on the album. It’s slower and is primarily supported by the most incredible Flute that I can imagine Metro is playing to charm a snake. It’s also a display of Metro’s growing production abilities as he incorporates a sample of “Prison Song” performed by Tommy Butler & Carlton Williams.


For me, the hardest track on the album has to go to “Scrape”. Not only is Fewtch doing the “Skrt, skrt” ad-lib throughout the whole track, but Metro’s synths and drums perfectly match Future’s light and leaned out vocals.

In all, Future’s self-titled project is one of his strongest projects to drop and in comparison to ‘DS2’, it is sounding a lot more like just a Future album without any wasteful romantic or radio-friendly songs.   While there are obviously other standouts on the album; “I’m So Groovy”, “Might As Well” and “Feds Did a Sweep”, it’s honestly immediate that this is the Future we’ve been waiting to hear more of and hopefully, we’ll see more of this throughout the rest of 2017.


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