High Klassified – Kronostasis

First thing I want to say before I give a review of this album is that this type of genre of music I’m not used to reviewing. However, as I love High Klassifieds’ always entertaining, trippy, yet party-like vibes showcased on his 2014 EP ‘Palindroma‘, I thought I’d try and do something a bit outside of my comfort zone.

While the “Kronostasis” EP is at 5-tracks length, it’s at an appropriate length and doesn’t contain any bullshit skits or filler tracks. Instead, Klassified provides a short, yet heavily dense EP. While his previous release sported no features, Chicago MC, Mick Jenkins, the only feature on the project, turns up for the the out-of-space jammer “Gold”. Mick’s laid back verses and distorted melodic vocals towards the last chorus show how well a traditional sounding rapper can integrate various genres and styles to compliment a producers authentic and original sound.

The first track, “Okarina of Time” is supported by heavy 808s, trippy and quick-paced hi-hats as well as swirling synth . It’s one of those beats that you just close your eyes too and can imagine extremely vivid visuals to match the intense speed and sound of it.

Although the tracks are primarily within the Electronic/House and minimally fit into Trap, it also sounds like a soundtrack to an Anime film that hasn’t been released yet or to an OG Nintendo 64 game while sitting in a heavily smoked-out room.


“Time in Vain” is also another wickedly trippy track. Low voice choir sample, marching-like 808 drums, Deep-House synths you’d hear at a rave and once again, the thumping of Trap hi-hats and aggressive snares.

Lastly, in regards to the two part song “Saccade”, “Saccade Two” is the go-to one for me. The melodic synth, raspy drums, absolutely thumping bass and trippy AS FUCK keys just dominate over the “One”.

Clearly, Klassified incorporates a variety of genres he’s influenced by into these short projects, yet on every track, he demonstrates his progression and ability as a diverse producer.



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