Future – HNDRXX Review

So, the #FutureHive has had a nice week of Future. Not only did he release his self-titled LP last week, but also today released his follow-up with his latest 17-track LP ‘HNDRXX‘. Unfortunately, the hype of the project and the overall sound of the album isn’t as progressive and intriguing as his previous release.

The first thing that points out that Future was trying a different wave of music is the line-up of producers on the production credits. We see his extensive producer Metro Boomin, Canada’s High Klassified for The Weeknd assisted “Comin Out Strong”, DJ Mustard and Detail. Already, this is a clear indication of the style of music and overall sound Super Future was aiming to create.


While Future did say in a recent Instagram post that “This is the ‘Honest’ album I was supposed to be honest about”; it is entirely that. It’s dull, uninspiring and most of all, a Future that I never wanted to see again.

Although the production is, as always on a Future album, ‘top-notch’, Future’s vocals, themes and direction on this album is bland. Most of the records sound like throwaways that should’ve turned up on his earlier commercial releases  like ‘Pluto‘ and ‘Honest‘.

And too be honest (pun intended), and quote Future’s ‘Monster‘ cut “Throw Away”;

“You just a throw away.”

While Future holds down 15 of the tracks and we see Rihanna and The Weeknd appear for brief features, they don’t add a lot of aesthetic or weight to the album, but instead, bring it down.

Although I am still a fan of the lean-sipping ATLien, this is one of his weakest releases. Although the strategy of releasing two albums within a week of each other could potentially work for some artists, in Future’s case, it is only an album that has zero replay value and his attempt to making generic and simple radio-friendly tracks.


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