Lil Uzi Vert – Luv Is Rage 1.5 Review

Now, while I’m not one of the biggest Lil Uzi Vert fans, I can understand why some people are able to relate to Uzi’s music. It’s fun, swaggy, LiT and most of all, his own (kinda) style. However, the times I have tried to listen to the young artists’ discography, it proves difficult with the extreme auto-tune, repetitive “YEAHS!” and majority of time, just unmemorable records.

So before, I piss off anyone, lets just go straight to ‘Luv Is Rage 1.5‘.

SHIIIIT, THE FIRST TRACK BANGS. The sample is uplifting and put on an immediate smile on my face. The production on “Boring Shit” is fast paced with soft claps, heavy 808s and a summer bassline. While Uzi’s vocals aren’t as irritating as previous releases (or his verse on “Bad & Boujee”), at times, I still can’t catch what he’s saying.


“Luv Scars k.o 1600” is the song I was waiting to hear on the tape. The chorus, where Uzi’s vocals are all different pitches is exactly what I dislike. While the beat is heavy with 808s and subtle synths and bashing hi-hats, Uzi loses my interest almost instantly with his constantly changing vocal pitch.


“XO Tour Llif3” had my standing on my tip-toes considering TM is behind the boards for this track. The 808s make my headphones tremble, the weird trippy string/synth is cool, but for gods sakes, Uzi really does need to focus on how he works with his vocals. I can’t even tell if it’s him on this track. Obviously, with his trademark high-pitched ad-libs, it’s him, however, this track would probably have suited someone who could flow and make recognisable lyrics. In my opinion, Young Dolph or Young Thug would’ve killed this beat.

The last track “YSL” produced by DP Beats sees it begin with glistening keys and airy synths. Uzi chats about..friends and weed at the beginning, and while the song is an ode to being a real ‘rags to riches’, it doesn’t really impress me anymore than the three previous tracks on the EP.

While Uzi does try to show off his own individual style, I can’t help but hear his successors influence on his vocals, lyrics and ear for production more. When Uzi does drop ‘Luv Is Rage 2″ I don’t know if I’ll be that attracted towards it.


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