Nav – Self-Titled Review

I don’t know much about the recent XO signee, apart from his production and vocal credit to Travis Scott’s “Beibs in the Trap“. However, much hype has surrounded the mysterious and lowkey Nav.

While I didn’t find Nav’s performance on the ‘Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight‘ anything spectacular, I’m still interested in the sound and aesthetic he will be presenting himself a part of.

While Nav tries to assert himself as a new-age and marketable wave (which he is), his overall themes and instrumental choices are…average. To be kind. While it is evident through the production, themes and overall aesthetic of the tape, that his label boss, The Weeknd and collaborator Travis Scott influence him; to me, it looks like we’ll be having the ‘Future vs. Desiigner’ conversation again soon.


There’s no real substance or weight to the project that pushes Nav’s style as revolutionary or different from all the other Trap, ‘Lil Rappers’ or way he auto-tunes his voice. Instead, he brags about on the majority of tracks about coming from nothing, living a luxurious lifestyle, “paying nothing for his sneakers” and taking drugs.

While artists like Travis, Future, Gucci Mane and Young Thug are able to sell and promote their music, that Nav’s is very similar to, obviously. However, their sounds are developed and, unlike Nav, all have their own individual style.

In all, it’s another carbon-copy of a sub-genre of music that is forever being popularised by memes and viral videos. However, like Desiigner, Nav’s lifeline in as a producer/rapper looks good in the long run; for now.


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