Playboi Carti – Broke Boi (Single Review)

Yes, I am aware the A$AP Rocky co-signed emcee released this record nearly two years ago; however, Soundcloud is not one of my preferred streaming sites and neither is Carti one of my go-to artists. PLUS; “Broke Boi” can’t even be played in the U.K. (another reason for my building dislike of Soundcloud)

So, in light of his recent major label single release, here’s my (first-time listen) review.

While the artwork is simple, it sets a tone of the track. With the iconic Jason Voorhees mask in black and white, I expect some LiT, aggressive or thumping track.

The production is tight; that’ll I admit. The keys are dreamy, the bass is thunderous and the overall light and melodic instrumental is key to this track. Carti is…motivated. His flow is similar to that of other ‘Mumble Rappers’ like Lil Uzi and Lil Yachty. While the lyrics don’t really catch my ear, the only lyric that I can relate to is “Keep a small circle, I can’t fuck with squares.”

So, yeah, I prefer the instrumental and after hearing Carti on multiple featured tracks, not even this solo track has changed my mind or made me more of a fan of him.


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