Radio Fans Vs.The Real Fans

In my opinion, there is a clear division of people who say they are fans of music. There are the people who only listen to radio hits and then, you have the fanatics (Like I) who will spend a weekend listening to an artists’ discography.

So, what’s a radio fan? When a popular Kanye West, Drake, Eminem, etc song drops, everyone knows it. No doubt, when Kanye dropped “Stronger” or when Eminem released the extremely graphic but charismatic single “My Name Is” everyone knew who rapped or sung it, word for word.

However, if you were (by chance) to get into a conversation with one of these people and asked, “What’s your favourite ‘X’ song?” and they reply with the most generic one because “it’s really good”; nah, I can’t have a proper conversation with you…no offence.

So, what are the ‘music fanatics’? Well, you’re reading the opinion of ones now. For me, I can’t just sit down and listen to one song by an artist. Majority of the time, I find a new song or single or even artist by looking at all the Hip-Hop related websites, scrolling through Instagram or just seeing which artists are co-signing who! For example, I remember listening to the A$AP Mob cut “Bath Salts” featuring FLATBUSH ZOMBiES and thinking,”Shit, these guys are pretty fucking sick.” From there, it was history. I listened to their debut tape ‘D.R.U.G.S’ back-to-back and then, they dropped ‘BetterOffDEAD’. On these two projects, there is instantly a crystal-clear improvement in their lyrics, production and expression of themes.

So, to conclude this brief (rant) blogpost, I do genuinely believe there is a clear difference between people who only listen to the radio and those who indulge in a long weekend, cramming in album after album. All I’m trying to say is, is that the song they’re playing on the radio isn’t as good as the songs that aren’t being played on the radio.


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