Favourite Notorious B.I.G. Songs

20 years ago today, the Hip-Hop community lost one of its greatest storytellers and rappers.

The short-lived yet inspiring career of The Notorious B.I.G inspired many of today’s rappers but also the everyday person. There’s no doubt that Biggie was inspirational too many. For this post, I’ll be breaking down my three favourite Notorious B.I.G. songs

My first track would have to be the ‘Ready To Die’-cut “Suicidal Thoughts”. Biggie’s slow, heavy nasal flow, matches the melancholy instrumental. The light drums and eerie synth allow Biggie to depict the struggles and issues he’s had to succumb to due to stigmatisation of  African-Americans and that when he would pass, he’d be in a heaven made for him.

My second favourite track by The Notorious has too be the Bonnie & Clyde-esque track, “Me & My Bitch”. Biggie’s head-bopping flow, deep voice and ease that he raps over the smooth beat is just ridiculous. It’s another song that shows off the talent that Biggie withheld as an artist and songwriter. It’s also another one of the sadder songs off his debut, that demonstrated the eagerness of a living legend.

My last song is the ‘Life After Death’ smoking tune, “Notorious Thugs’, which also sees Bone Thugs-N-Harmony also appear for some tongue-twisting verses. The reason this is another one of my favourites is because of the piano melody and snare claps and the overall smoky production. Notorious’ verse is quick-paced, which he didn’t explore or on his debut, however, he absolutely murders this track.

Sadly, Notorious isn’t here any more. While I’ve only been alive 20 years and listened to Biggie since I was a youngin, it feels like he’s been missing in the industry for longer. His legend and work hasn’t been forgotten and his influence over the genre is evidently still audible.



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