Yung Simmie – Simmie Season Review

Florida rapper, Yung Simmie, is one of the only independent rappers today who is killing the scene. Since he released his debut tape in 2011, Simmie has released a great amount of mixtapes since. Although he was associated with SpaceGhostPurrp in the early days of Purrps’ fame and before the A$AP Mob beef, Simmie has distanced himself and is the voice of demonic and heavy smoke Trap records. The artwork shows a drawing of the weather for the week for Miami…which apparently was all LiT. It gives me an idea that the album will contain Simmie’s signature “Ch’yeah” ad-libs, moody instrumentals and some obvious smoke-tunes.


“Drama Time”, the first song off the tape, sounds like Simmies’ attempt at a Rock song…and I like it! The beat is laced with electric guitar strings, funky bass and Trap hi-hats. His flow is quick and makes you screw up your face with just how hard he’s going in over the beat. The third song, “Traffic” has an instrumental similar to that of an OG Three 6 Mafia beat. The chopped and screwed vocals, heavy snare rolls and clapping of hi-hats give way for Simmie to praise the beat with a quick verse. Although the track comes out at just over 2 minutes, the beat is really the best part of the song.


One of the hardest tracks on the tape has to be “I Smoke”. Lo-fi strings, haunting bass and out-of-place synths give Simmie room to breathe a dark but turnt up smoking track. The lightest track on the tape most likely is “Underdog”. Over smooth African drums and a wavy flute, Simmie brags about becoming a hero in his hood, haging with his crew, smoking weed all the time and sexual relations.

The only feature on the track comes from Miami rapper Denzel Curry. “Shoot the 3” instrumental is one of the more minimalistic on the tape. Quick insertions of a trumpet sample add a Blues feel to the track, however, Simmie and Curry bless the track with drug-induced lyrics and how they will eliminate any of their haters. Although I’m more of a fan of Simmie, Curry’s verse is just straight flames. His flow bounces over the beat and steals the show just as he appears.

In all, the tape is fucking fire. While he brings onto all his projects his inspirations of the Miami rap scene, he also incorporates live instruments, like trumpets and strings, to add more dimension to his tracks. While Simmie may not be lyrically dominant, his ear for beats and flows are out of this world.


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