Madvillian-Madvillainy Review

The more than needed collaborative album and duo, consisting of acclaimed funky Jazz and smoked-out sessions producer Madlib and the always mysterious MC, MF DOOM make Madvillian.

Firstly, the album cover. The silhouette of DOOM adds a particular atmosphere to the album. Dark, spooky, abstract and psychedelic. The glimmer of his right eye underneath his signature mask also gives the idea of that although we can hear DOOM and see him, all we really know is the man wearing the mask. What about the man without the mask?

madvillain 2004

The album too me is the perfect album that could be created into a wild and nocturnal graphic novel. Madlib, the man behind the boards, provides these gritty, dark, heavily samples of foreign LPs. Each beat sounds nothing like the previous or the one coming up. Filled with rough DJ scratches, edgy loops of guitar chords, haunting keys and blunted drums, Madlib creates an image of a fictional city that MF DOOM peers below at and reigns.


DOOMs’ rhyming schemes and way he flows over the abstract and experimental production provided by his partner in crime, is just phenomenal. The way his pitch of tone changes depending on the bars and how he’s connecting bars creates a vivid but extremely intellectual product.

As much as I want to highlight individual songs; I’m finding it difficult. Each song is in a lane of its own. Both DOOM and Madlib’s creativity and connection through such rough, ragged and so not radio friendly instrumentals and raps.

Too be honest, it’s one of my favourite albums. It’s a perfect album to roll too, chill too, study but most of all enjoy. Obviously, the depth and weirdness of the album would throw some people off; I was one for a long time. However, I came round to it. How this album isn’t celebrated more outside of Hip-Hop and not within the general music community is just comedy.

In all, it’s one of the best Hip-Hop albums I’ve ever listened to. I’d recommend this album to anyone.



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