Father John Misty – Generic Pop Song(s) Review

In anticipation for his sophomore album, ‘Pure Comedy’, set to release April 7th. Today, after multiple single releases, Misty decided to come through and release three new songs…”Generic Pop Song #3, #9 &#16″.

“Generic Pop Song #3” begins with a drums bass kick, Coldplay-like keys and Mistys’ amazingly smooth and painfully driven vocals. The claps that start around halfway through his verse also encourage him to exert his vocals more over the very glossy instrumental. Although the instrumental and sonic sound of the track is still very much Father John Misty, it also sees that he is capable of creating the radio-friendly ‘generic’ pop tune.


“Generic Pop Song #9” has the slow, dragging on vocals from Misty. The instrumental, at the beginning is dull and bland. However, as Misty starts to ride the beat, weird synths, distorted drums and a very very generic melody plays for the chorus. Out of the two I’ve heard so far, “#3” is my favourite at the moment. Although I do enjoy Mistys’ beautifully angelic voice, this song doesn’t do that much for me.

“Generic Pop Song #16” already stands out more than the other two. Trippy hi-hats and snare rolls laced with flat keys and Jazzy bass line give an instrumental to Misty that hasn’t sounded as experimental since his ‘I Love You, Honeybear’-cut, “True Affection”.

While these songs won’t be appearing on his upcoming album, it is good to hear loosies from the Sub-Pop signee and too see where he is experimenting in music.


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