Maxo Kream – The Persona Tape Review

Maxo Kream, the Houston-Rapper released his latest project, ‘The Persona Tape‘ back in June of last year. The mixtape/album is a vividly dark, violent yet catchy. The instrumentals on the album all give Maxo air to lay down some of the most aggressive and lyrically diverse Trap projects.


While the majority of tracks see Maxo reminiscing of a life that doesn’t sound too far in the past; he depicts the gang-led community he grew up in, coming up as a drug dealer (“Karo”), his excessive use of Xanax and Codeine (LEAN) and being of a superior emcee of today.

My last sentence, I fully stand behind. One of the songs that prove that Maxo is one of greater lyrical skill of a lot of…’Mumble Rappers’ today is the instrumentally terrifying “Hit Mane”. Filled with a loop of a sample of a scream, drive-by synths, gunshot hi-hats and a ridiculous flow from the Kreme Clicc leader. The song depicts in graphic detail the gangbanging that Maxo would take part in and how he’s a “walking crisis, one man ISIS”. What’s evident on this track is the similarities in organising lyrics and how his flows work over the beats to West-Coast emcee Kendrick Lamar.

“Smash” featuring Paul Wall is a definite banger on this project. Maxo and Paul go in on both their verses, flexing about their whips and how they’re “smoked out, but never out of smoke.” That bar in particular (shoutout Paul Wall) is just ILL.


Other songs that stand out on the project is the depressing “G3”. Maxo opens up about his abuse of prescription pills while also setting the scene for the effects of the pills and life of crime he was involved in. “Out the Front Door”, “Talkin’ Shit” and “Shop” are three other tracks that show off Maxos’ incredibly dark world, filled with drug abuse, drug dealing, gangbanging and rise to fame.

In all, not only is this album one of the most lyrical Trap projects to drop in 2016, but also shows off the talent that is Houstons’ Maxo Kream.


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