Mike WiLL Made-It – Ransom 2 Review

Its been a while since acclaimed Trap producer, Mike WiLL Made-It released his debut project, ‘Est. In 1989‘ back in 2011. Since then, hes gone on to work with other acts; such as RiFF RaFF, Young Dolph, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, ScHoolBoy Q and Zaytoven.

On his debut album, a follow up to his mixtape of the same name, Mike Willy (Thugger voice), provides instrumentals perfectly crafted for his star-studded album. Mike provides his guests with hardcore Trap records, late night smoke session jams and some instrumentals that sound completely out of his comfort zone…with absolute finesse.

The first guest to appear on the producers album is previous ‘Ransom’ collaborator Big Sean. Mike provides a haunting instrumental with a loop of a daunting vocal sample and an aggressive drum kit. Big Sean’s performance “On The Come Up” is monotone, however, Sean doesn’t sound like he’s bored. He’s asserting his weight for his competition and making sure that Sean is known today as one of the best rappers.

Another highlight off the album is the Lil Yachty assisted “Hasselhoff”. The instrumental in one word: monstrous. The keys are heavy and sound like they’ve been sipping as well as some minimal drum work. However, Yachty provides non-auto-tuned vocals and his energy on the track mixes perfectly for the vibe they were trying to catch. Quick disclaimer, I don’t rate Yachtys’ lyrics on this. They’re boring and repetitive as shit, but I do like the track…and it makes me want to wild out to the FUCKING MAX.


Collaboration wise, the track that stands out the most is the Rae Sremmurd, Gucci Mane and Kendrick Lamar “Perfect Pint”. Over the most minimal production of drum kicks, psychedelic keys and an 808 bass, all four artists provide great contributions to the track. Gucci’s reflective verse of his addiction lean adds a more transparent look at the ATL spitter, but obviously, the West Coast sauced-up verse from Kendrick, steals the show.

Other songs that stand out on the tracklist as well as Mikes’ production is “Burnin” featuring Andrea, “Y’all Ain’t Ready” with 2 Chainz and a great re-introduction to Chiraq rapper Chief Keef on “Come Down”.

In overall, Mikes’ production on ‘Ransom 2’ is insane. It shows how much he’s developed as a producer and how he wants to bring together artists to create an album, with the intention to create the vibes directly from them instead of the album as a whole. Although this may be risky, as it leaves a lot of the songs in an empty space, Mike still provided an album loaded with great guest verses and irresistible melodic beats.


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