Freddie Gibbs – You Only Live 2wice Review

Its been a while since Freddie Gibbs released a full-length LP. His last release was November 2015 with his ‘Shadow of a Doubt’ album. However, after that, Freddie got mixed up in an overseas court case which left his fans restless and craving more from the Gary MC.

Today, Gibbs returns onto the scene with his latest album; ‘You Only Live 2wice’. At a length of 8 tracks equalling just over half-an-hour, it’s a perfect way to get himself back into the Hip-Hop community with an album that only leaves a taste for more.


Over the eight tracks, Freddie Gibbs connects with a large group of producers to create an extremely luxurious, violent, reminiscent and reflective project. Kaytranada, BadBadNotGood, Sidney Miller, Blair Norf and Pops provide are the craftsman of this project.

While “20 Karat Jesus” and “Alexys” open up the project and see Gibbs giving history lessons on cooking cocaine, seeing friends turn to enemies and how he would live in a community run by gangs, the first song that sticks out, lyrically is “Crushed Glass”. Over melancholy but enlightening strings, Gibbs reflects on religion, drug abuse, police brutality and his recent rape case. Brittany B. supplies a short but sweet chorus as well as additional background vocals that add that little bit more density to the overall theme of the track.

While there isn’t a single song on this album that weighs the album down or any production that ins’t passed impressive, there is a clear direction Freddie is aiming. Using the cover art as an ‘impression’ Freddie provided his followers with a short but wickedly beginning to end satisfying album. While his collaborative album ‘Bandana’ with Madlib is still (hopefully) in the works, ‘You Only Live 2wice’ was a perfect project to precede more music from Gangster Gibbs.


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