Desiigner – Up Single Review

Let me make one thing clear; I’m not a fan of Desiigner. Never have, never will be. I am aware that his career, so far, has been, short but iconic. Not only because of the blatant similarities that he has to Codeine Sipper, Future, vocally, but that his general sound is…nothing special or distinctively different to those who have come before him.

Anyway, onto the review.


Produced by CashmoneyAP and North Memphis legend, Juicy J, they provide a sample of the ‘Mystik Stylez’ “Tear Da Club up ’95” and rework it to make a luxurious piano driven instrumental. However, while the instrumental is great; Desiigner sounds FUCKING EXACTLY LIKE FUTURE ON THIS TRACK. Like, come on. Juicy, who has worked with Fewtch in the past, must’ve been like…”This sounds a lot like someone I know but whatever”. Although the track isn’t as boisterous or aggressive as his “Panda” single, this track doesn’t do anything for me either.

To be honest, if I willingly ever listen to a Desiigner song again, I may as well just listen to Future.



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