Frank Ocean – Biking Single Review

Following his single “Chanel”, Frank returned last weekend with another new Lo-Fi song, featuring the forever praised Jay-Z and fellow previous collaborator and Odd Future member, Tyler, the Creator.

Clocking in at just over four-and-a-half minutes long, Jay-Z provides the first vocal performance on the track making the comparison “Life goes in cycles, Everything that comes around goes around”. While the simile isn’t anything revolutionary, Jigga immediately sets the theme of the song. While Jay’s verse, in my opinion, does nothing for the track, the second Frank starts singing and harmonising over Indie-inspired guitar chords, I fell in love for the millionth time with the New Orleans singer. Frank’s second verse sounds also motivated by his previous releases, such as “Novacane” and “Super Rich Kids”. However, Tyler’s verse is a pleasure. The whole song sounds like a loosie Odd Future record that Jay withheld Frank from releasing till he got out of his contract last year with Def Jam.

The track in all is fucking amazing…purely because it’s Frank. With the release of ‘Blond’, ‘Chanel’ and most recently ‘Biking’ now on his discography and already releasing new music, mysteriously close to his previous LP, could new Frank be closer than we ever thought?


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