Odd Future – The OF Tape Vol.2 Review

Looking back at 2012, there were some pretty awesome releases. Whether it was a single or an album, five years ago was packed with great Hip-Hop coming out nearly every month. Today, I’ll be looking back at not just a cult-fan favourite, but also one of my own personal favourite album/compilations released by the L.A based and recently disbanded, Odd Future’s ‘The OF Tape Vol.2’.

Seeing all of the group come together for a project was great, but the real bonus was knowing that all artists, if needed, could hold down a song by themselves, or have the show-stealing verse or contribution on a track. Whether it be the smoooooth as fuck Nu-Jazz instrumental and vocals by Matt Martians and Syd the Kid on their The Internet-dubbed “Ya Know” or ridiculous head-banger and cult favourite “Forest Green” by Mike G, there is something for all fans of Odd Future on this compilation.

One of the immediate standouts was the follow up to Tyler’s ‘GOBLIN’ cut “Analog” with Frank Ocean and Syd on “Analog 2”. Both instrumentals on the track standout for their slow and experimental sound as well as Tyler’s artistic vision of his songs projected through the instruments and vocals. “50” the undoubtedly turnt up record provided by Left Brain and Hodgy Beats as Mellowhype. Hodgy spits furious bars over the quick paced rattles of hi-hats and sirens, declaring his assertion of a greater Hip-Hop artist then those who were more popular than himself. The Tyler and Hodgy beats collaboration “P”, originally intended for Pusha T, sees both emcees providing some of the most jaw-dropping and facetious bars the two have ever recorded.


There are other standouts, whether it be the solo dreamy Frank Ocean “White” that could’ve easily landed on his latest LP ‘Blond’ as well as the solo Domo Genesis self-titled cut “Doms”. However, the real standout is the final track and posse-cut “Oldie” inspired by Frank’s final bar on his verse. Yet, it is the surprise verse from the then quiet Earl Sweatshirt that appeared on “Oldie” that blew fans away and rediscovered the greatness that is Earl.

The second and final, so far, compilation between the Odd Future super-group was a great project to promote themselves. Although Tyler does appear vocally, on the majority of tracks and on production, his contributions don’t stand out as much as his peers. Altogether, the project is great and should be seen as the typical idea a Hip-Hop group should follow when releasing a project of this type.


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