Curren$y & Harry Fraud – Cigarette Boats EP Review

As 4/20 gets inevitably closer, it’s time to look at another classic stoner mixtape to sit back, roll up and listen to.

Back in July 2012, New Orleans MC, Curren$y (Spitta Andretti) and New York’s waviest beat craftsman, Harry Fraud, linked up for one of the best collaboration EP’s and provided more great music for Curren$y fans to look back and discover discography. So, due to the short length of the EP, I’ll be doing a track-by-track review. (queue Harry Fraud)


“Leaving the Dock” – Over Boom-Bap hi-hats, dreamy synths and a trippy as fuck trumpet sample laced into the beat allow Spitta to rap luxurious bars of the lavish lifestyle he lives and that he’s not into impressing any of his rap competitors but more so, showing off his undoubted talent as one of the chillest MC’s to ever rap.

“WOH” (feat. Styles P) – Starting the instrumental with glossy guitar strings, hard-hitting snares and a wicked chopped up vocal sample with typical but never not-entertaining Harry Fraud production. Curren$y provides one of his quicker flow, yet never not losing my ears’ interest. However, P’s verse is the real standout on this track as he tackles the pace of Fraud’s instrumental.

“Biscayne Bay” – One of the slower tracks on the tape; this track could easily be in a ‘Godfather’ remake (I DON’T WANT ONE THOUGH). The hi-hats are sharp and the loop of the vocal give Curren$y space to slowly speak about keeping yourself motivated to gain your dreams. However HiGH they may be.

“Mirrors” (feat. Smoke DZA) – Another slow record on the tape. Over smokey Jazz samples of colourful keys, trumpets and psychedelic whistle, Spitta and DZA provide both great verses about their dedication of “getting richer” and how “payback is more of a bitch when your bitch is involved”.


“Sixty-Seven Turbo Jet” – This track, the final track of the EP, is one of the best solo records by Spitta and on the tape. Over lazy horns, snare snaps, a misty vocal sample and the laziest but one of the most entertaining flows by Curren$y. While Spitta shines on this track, it is Fraud that makes this track.

In all; it’s a perfect stoner tape. The beats are as chilled as me after a couple joints and Curren$y’s southern slang over Fraud’s instrumentals are a terrific combo. While Curren$y may not always provide great bars, his hazy flows make up for it.


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