Paul White & Danny Brown – Accelerator EP Review

After releasing his latest fan and critically acclaimed LP, ‘Atrocity Exhibition’, Danny Brown and primary producer on Brown’s latest album came together earlier this year to release an EP containing two new tracks.

“Accelerator” – Much alike to the production on ‘Atrocity Exhibition’, White provides a dark, bouncy and always experimental instrumental that sees Danny tackle it with ease. His flow is sporadic and manic. Alike to an accelerator, Danny just makes me want to keep on going and never slow down.

“Lion’s Den” – White’s production on this reminds me of the ‘XXX’ Danny days. Over a head-bopping instrumental filled with lo-fi hi-hats, flutes and a creepy vocal sample. Danny provides gritty lyrics revolving around Detroit, drug-use and how he will never go back to the way he was living since he’s gained the success following his career.

In all, both tracks sound like they were made for two different Danny projects, however, his skill as a rapper and entertainer always keep me intrigued. His style is melancholy and extremely difficult to decide which sub-genre of Hip-Hop Danny falls under.


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