BadBadNotGood – III Review

The Nu-Jazz duo, BadBadNotGood gathered a cult fanbase around the release of their debut electronic, live instrumental remakes of popular Hip-Hop songs from Kanye West and Tyler, the Creator.

Since then, they’ve released two studio albums, collaborated with Mick Jenkins, Kaytranada, Earl Sweatshirt, Danny Brown and a collaboration album with the legendary Ghostface Killah.

Released May 2014, their first debut studio album contained no remixes or material that had already been heard before; but all new music created by the funky Nu-Jazz band.


Beginning with “Triangle” a heavy piano and drum record, it paints vivid pictures in my head of just a wicked jam session of all members composing this light but uptight track. It also has towards the end dark synths floating in the background that add to the omnisciency of the track. The first track that really stands out on this album though is the only one with a feature, “Confessions”. Starting with spacey keys, light drums and cool piano loop it finally transcends into this beautiful melody performed by Leland Whitty on the saxophone. Out of all their original music, this track is up there in their top three. It changes pace every now and again and the saxophone only gets sexier as the seconds go by.  The following track “Kaleidoscope” is also another great track on the album. Soft drums, a 90s Red Hot Chili bassline and magnificent keys dominate it and at 7 minutes long, it’s still an easy listen and a track that can’t be skipped.

Another track that stands out and changes drastically as it goes in is the dynamic “Eyes Closed”. This track in particular also shows off their ability to mix their heavy weed-smoking Jazz with Rock. Other tracks that stand out are “Hedron” and “CS60”.


In all, for a debut, fully instrumental album, it’s not disappointing to finally hear the band start producing their own records as well as incorporating all their influences into the pitch of the piano keys or the break of the drums and bass. While it does have its letdowns, it’s still a thoroughly enjoyable listen.


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