Lil Yachty – Lil Boat Review

For over the last year or so, Atlanta has brought a terrific amount of Trap-Rappers to the forefront of commercial Hip-Hop. From the electric trio of Migos to the animal ad-libber Young Thug. Now, it’s the time of the youngest ATLien to dominate the Trap/Hip-Hop scene.

Before I go into this review, I will say this: I am not a fan of Yachty. While I do enjoy his peers’ music and his influences, Yachty’s sound and general guest verses I hear from him do nothing for me sonically or indicate any lasting influence on the culture or sub-genre of Hip-Hop.


From the “Intro – Just Keep Swimming” it begins with some quick-paced hyped up bars with relentless energy. However, the second half of the track is just auto-tune to the max and makes it way past unenjoyable to listen to Yachty’s exploration of his influences such as T-Pain, Lil Wayne and R. Kelly. The second track featuring and produced by The Good Perry is a bass thumping, synth heavy, hi-hat lovers dream. The beat is melodic while simple and a psychedelic boom-bap instrumental. Unfortunately, Boat nor Perry’s energy or delivery on this record is…dull. Although the twos chemistry works, they don’t captivate as much as Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan or Famous Dex and Rich the Kid. The first track that stands out for it’s instrumental and guest features is the remix to “Minnesota”. While Yachty opens the record with switch ups of flows and pitch of his voice, the real standout on this record is Skippa Da Flippa. His rough quick-paced flow contradicts the instrumental and although his verse is one of the shortest, he stands out more than the more successful artists. Surprisingly, Yachty’s solo track “Interlude” is another standout for me. The instrumental, as most are throughout this tape, simple yet interesting enough to keep you listening to the entire tape. Although his lyrics aren’t captivating on this track, it’s still a good filler track to past the time.



While the majority of the tape doesn’t do much for me, it’s really the instrumentals that are the selling point of this project. They are, at first-listen, all banging. They capture a less-violent and more positive themes than his affiliates. However, Yachty is not that much interest to me. His flows sound uninspired and his lyrics themselves aren’t that great.



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