Da$h – SkrewFace Review

New Jersey MC and close collaborator of Retch, Da$h, has had a fruitful career since he began his rapping. After joint projects with Retch, tracks with Maxo Kream and featured spots on the debut A$AP Mob tape, Da$h had a cult following of fans watching and hearing out for anything from him.

Before the release of his last known full-project ’17 More Minutes’ in ode to the late great A$AP Yams, Da$h released the ‘SkrewFace’ EP. consisting of 7 tracks to build up the momentum for his earlier mentioned project.

Before I move onto the music (sorry), I just want to shoutout whoever designed the album cover! It captures the mood and soundscape that Da$h projects and raps about in his songs.


Starting off with the follow up to his 2013 ‘V.I.C.E.S’-cut, “RicHie K” with “RicHie K II”. Produced by Antwon Carrera, demonic keys and threatening hi-hats allow Da$h to lay down two vigorous verses, bragging about his lean and OG Kush. However, on the second half of the record, the BPM is a tad slower and is still frantic yet captures the lifestyle that Da$h lives. The second track “Figgaz / Hopscoth” has a laid back instrumental with a DANK saxophone sample. Da$h reflects on crooked police, yet on “Hopscotch”, speaks up about his ability as a more honest MC than some more mainstream Hip-Hop artists. The third track, an ode to the late actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman, appropriately titled “Seymour”. Da$h spits luxurious lyrics of the amounts of drugs he takes, how he’s not afraid to physically confront his competitors and how the majority of labels and their artists are “puppets”.

Feature wise, Maxo Kream and RetcH both appear on separate tracks, however both kill their contributed verses. While Maxo tackles a dreamy instrumental with summer synths and lo-fi snares and hi-hats, he reminisces of a less public-eye persona of excessive drug use, losing friends to gang violence and living a life filled with destruction. Lastly, the final track on the EP, produced unexpectedly by Metro Boomin’ is probably the most turnt track on this project. Over thunderous keys, ear-rattling bass and aggressive drums, Da$h provides one of his most enthusiastic flows to date. Titled “Mudd Walk”, he raps about the success he’s gained from being the MC he is today and “eliminating” any of the fake rappers.

To conclude; while the EP clocks in just under half-an-hour, it is captivating throughout. Da$h’s style vocally and his ear for beats is similar to that of Wu-Tang as he depicts rough neighbourhoods, drug dealings and an assertion that he’s of greater quality than those more successful than him.


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