Frank Ocean – Lens Single Review

Since Franks’ departure from Def Jam and his critically acclaimed LP ‘Blond’, Frank has been releasing new music at an alarming rate. In the time between ‘Channel ORANGE’ and ‘Blond’, Frank released loosies but never anything as official as “Biking” or “Chanel”.

On Sunday, the ever-mysterious creative released his latest single (as well as a Travis Scott version), “Lens”. Starting off with slow melodic keys, Frank comes in, his voice, interestingly, auto-tuned and speaks up about how he’s being watched through a ‘Lens’. He also speaks out about his homosexuality and how the person he is now has made him someone that everyone has to be keeping eyes on. As the instrumental progresses, Electronic synths and snares appear and add more depth to another insight of Frank.

To be honest; while it doesn’t have the striped-back or minimal production that any of the tracks on ‘Blond’ did, I really do enjoy it. It reminds me of his ‘Nostalgia, ULTRA’ days and that now he’s a ‘free agent’ he can happily experiment with other sounds and genres. With all this new Frank music rolling out through his Beats 1 radio, which he used to premiere ‘Blond’, it wouldn’t be surprising if a new Frank project dropped sooner than expected.


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