Anticipation for Young Thug’s ‘E.B.B.T.G.’

Well, is today not a pleasant surprise for fans of Thugger Thugger. Today, via Twitter, he announced a new project that would be primarily composed of songs by Thug “singing”. While this, doesn’t surprise me much as Thugger has never been shy of being himself and experimenting with his voice on a record, the more interesting aspect of this album is that the Executive Producer is..Drake.

Now, while this is in no way a bad move, it shows an obvious direction that the albums sonic sound will be following. Drake hasn’t been shy to get involved in other peoples projects, singles or (steal) take inspiration from their musical soundscape. He has even been an E.P. on all of his studio albums apart from his debut ‘Thank Me Later’.

So, what will Thug fans, as well as myself, be expecting from the ATLien? Last Friday, he dropped his new single “All The Time” along with its official video. In traditional Thug fashion, the instrumental is psychedelic, dreamy and encompasses the Trap sound that he is known for. His vocals, as always are slurred and his lyrics are banal and braggadocios. While this is nothing new to his discography, how will the rest of the album sound? Who are the primary producers? Will there be features?

If anything, Thug should enlist his regular go to producers for melodic Trap bangers; Metro Boomin’, London On Da Track, Wheezy and TM88. However, I’d love too see more Mike Dean production with Thugger, maybe a hypnotic but still heavy Trap instrumental provided by Southside and a Lex Luger credit. Feature-wise, Thug couldn’t go wrong with getting his “Pick Up The Phone” collaborators, Quavo and Travis Scott, to accompany him together or on separate tracks. Seeing Drake on a record, wouldn’t really impress me that much as the two previously worked on ‘More Life’ cuts “Sacrifices” and “Ice Melts”, however, the Drake-Stans will probably milk the track to death before it even has a week to sit. If anything, I’m hoping one of the many Future/Young Thug tracks recorded will end up on here.

In all; I’m excited for Thugger’s album. His previous efforts, ‘JEFFERY’ and ‘Slime Season 3’ are both great projects and give an insight into the creative process that Thug has when making music. While I’m worried that Drake’s executive power on the album may influence Thug in the Sing-Song-Rap direction, it’s nothing he hasn’t projected before. If anything, I’m anticipating how this will sit with die-hard Thug fans as well as the Hip-Hop community.


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