JMSN – Whatever Makes U Happy Review

JMSN arose onto the scene as a solo artist back in 2012 with his debut project ‘†Priscilla†’. His music on that project and some of his following music was compared to those who sing and speak about the same themes, like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean. Since then, he’s released a further four full-length studio albums. Last Friday (28/4), the Detroit producer/singer/songwriter released his fifth album ‘Whatever Makes U Happy’.

Differentiating from his earlier work, which had a darker, grittier and pain-stricken sound, his latest release is exhilarating, motivating, and, by no surprise, a message to his listeners to keep doing whatever they are doing to keep themselves happy.


The theme of ‘happiness’ runs throughout this album. Whether it be the slurred vocals and heavily Jazz inspired opening “Drinkin'” or the smooth melodies of JMSN’s ad-libs, raspy drums and inclusion of a harmonica on “Love Ain’t Enough”, there’s no doubt in my mind that he is only aiming of creating next-level music that captures real emotions and a visual in the mind.

As already mentioned, the main theme of this album is happiness. While the majority of instrumentals crafted through live instruments and JMSN’s incredible ear for adding certain instruments and songwriting skills, the album is great. Although it doesn’t have that same sound I originally heard JMSN exploring, this new sound alike to his previous effort ‘It Is’ works very well for him.

At eight tracks long and clocking in at just over half-an-hour; JMSN was making a risky move. However, only a few years ago, Kanye West released the short, yet impeccable produced ‘Yeezus’..containing only ten tracks. Look how that worked for him though.



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