6LACK – Free 6Lack Review

I don’t know much about 6LACK, pronounced ‘Black’ (¿¿¿) apart from him releasing via Interscope his debut album ‘FREE 6LACK’. So, without no further ado, here’s my (first listen) review of the ATL newcomer.

The first thing, to me, that stands out about this album are the production credits. The majority of producers I haven’t heard of by name or before or seen credited. However, notable names such as Frank Dukes, OZ, Childish Major and Dot Da Genius. While the production credits are cramped, at eleven-tracks long and no guest features, the album itself does have a chance to push out and elevate 6LACK to the next level as a solo artist.


Three songs in, I’m really enjoying it. The beats are dark, monotone and Trap-esque but with also a stripped-back sound of R&B, which makes it, so far, very ear-grabbing. 6LACK is intriguing and mysterious individual from what I’ve heard so far. His overall presentation of himself; tone of pitch, flow, vocals and lyrics are similar to those who produce the same ‘themes’ of content. He talks about alcoholism, drugs, relationships and making a name for himself.

As mentioned earlier, I’m enjoying it; however, the first song which really stands out is “Free”. Over a malicious 808 bass loop, distorted synths and painful but smooth and irresistibly to groove to 6LACK’s voice,  it is one of the most definite, stronger tracks on the project. He sings of a past relationship and describes the tension and depression surrounding both of them. From her view, not being with him anymore for his money and wealth, while he’s not with her for those reasons to be real and just so she can “ride [his] the wave”.

Other tracks that stand out are “Luving U”, “Ex Calling”, “PRBLMS” and “Rules”. In all, it is a pretty impressive debut project from 6LACK. While I’m not going to go out of my way to find specific tracks to listen or play at a party, if he were to come on speakers, I would definitely vibe and turn-up for it.


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