Lil Wayne and Tha Carter 5 – Will We Ever Get It?

It seems like forever since the celebrated and critically acclaimed rapper Lil Wayne announced his sophomore and final entry into his ‘Carter’ album series, ‘Tha Carter 5’ or just ‘C5’.


After (and still very much) aggressive and public beef with his ‘father’ Birdman not releasing his final ‘Carter’ project as well as withholding $51 million from him. After the amount of articles and odd Instagram videos where Wayne throws shade at his ex-boss, details of the lawsuit and the recent Martin Shkreli leakage of a Kendrick Lamar track from the album, I’m taking the opportunity to just…vent.

Although Wayne hasn’t been able or anywhere close to releasing a single from the album apart from loosies around the time of the promotion of the album before halting the release till a check comes from Baby. However, in October 2014, released a “tentative” 31-tracklisting for the album. While the tracklisting is star-studded and contains some unexpected but exciting features, the likelihood of the Young Thug track “Grindin'” I can’t see coming out (ever) and he already released what I can only assume is an altered version of the track featuring Drake.


Yes, Wayne has did drop a sequel to his “Sorry 4 The Wait” mixtape as well as a TIDAL exclusive ‘Free Weezy Album’. However, these projects don’t amount to the incredible quality and charisma that Wayne has been known for on previous efforts like ‘Tha Carter 2’, ‘No Ceilings’, ‘Dedication 3’ and his ‘Da Drought’ mixtape series. Yet, since the dispute between him and Birdman began, and has had a toll on his output of music as a solo artist, Wayne doesn’t seem to slow down for competing for the best verse on featured tracks.

Wayne’s verse on Mike WiLL Made-It’s “Buy The World”, A$AP Rocky’s “M’$”, Big Sean’s “Deep”, “SMUCKERS” on Tyler, the Creator’s ‘Cherry Bomb’ album, his exceptional verse on Belly’s “Barely Sober” and probably one of his hardest guest verses on “Fat Albert” by Curren$y and The Alchemist.

Of course, guest features can’t keep Wayne in the loop of everyone’s headphones. Being in the difficult situation he is with Birdman, disallowing him to release fresh new music, the question that needs to be asked, and already has an answer most likely, will we ever get ‘Tha Carter 5’? After three years of legal disputes, very-much average self-released project and below-par album with TIDAL, the reality of getting the ‘C5’ Wayne fans and critics are so eager to hear is unlikely.

If anything, with his friendship amongst other notable rap stars; 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, DJ Khaled, Tech N9ne and more recently, Jay-Z, surely one of these major and influential artists could help him get out of the situation?

Although Jay does seem to be doing more for him due to Wayne shouting-out at a recent concert he’s with Roc Nation, what does this actually mean? Is it management, distribution or just Wayne throwing more shade at the already very dismissive but aware Birdman?

Too be brutally honest, as much as I’d love to hear ‘Tha Carter 5’, the hype and ordeal around the promotion and release of it has sadly, but ultimately, killed it. I wouldn’t be angry if he were to release it as any new Wayne music is a blessing, in this instance, but it’d be great to know that Wayne appreciates his fans too let them hear one of the most controversial unheard Hip-Hop albums.


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