Chief Keef – Finally Rich Review

Chief Keefs’ debut album under Interscope titled ‘Final Rich’, was not maybe the biggest commercial success, but, for die-hard fans and adding to his short but wild discography; it supplemented them. Containing a couple re-mixed tracks already released as a single or off one of the early Glory Boyz Entertainment compilations yet still containing some original material.


From “Love Sosa”, a fan favourite not because of the hilarious introduction of the Keef stan defending the Chiraq prodigy, or the leaned and high-pitched teen cranking out a melodic but menacing chorus over timeless Young Chop production; it’s essentially the energy that transgresses from a time where Chief Keef, was essentially, a younger, more violent, unpredictable artist. While there are other, classic, Sosa records on here, “I Don’t Like”, a revised version of his cult-classic “3Hunna” featuring Rick Ross as well as the terrifying solo effort “Laughin’ To The Bank”.

Although Keef’s lyrical content is nothing short of simple songwriting and repetitive, yet addictive chorus’ and quick short punchline bars are what attract his fans. He brags about his wealth of owning “Diamonds” as well as a track dedicated to his just-then born daughter “Kay Kay”. However, one of the tracks that doesn’t appear on the standard tracklisting is the Master P and Fat Trel assited “Don’t Make No Sense”.

Yet, at that time, and still, Keef’s personal life interferes a large amount with his products he tries to release. Although his antics aren’t heard of before from a young rap star, his debut album caught a glimpse of the rough, arrogant, and rags to riches lifestyle Keef finally achieved.


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