After spending months in jail awaiting charges, being released and coming back to a warm welcoming from the Hip-Hop community; XXXtentacion released his first official project, ‘Revenge’ on Tuesday. Filled with previously released records “Look At Me!”, “Slipknot” and “I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore”. The short, 8-track album, memorable of the roll-out of Kanye’s ‘Yeezus’ LP, dropped unexpectedly and for XXX fans craving original, or at the most, more of his material available on streaming services, it was a good start to the week.

Although the majority of the material on this ‘official’ of somewhat album, had already been released, it still provides a short, undefined and antagonistic perspective to one of the youngest, entertaining and mysterious individuals in Hip-Hop at the moment. The latter mentioned “I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore” is one of the lighter and interesting songs on the album. The instrumental is gloomy with chopped and screwed samples, sharp snares and tight hi-hats. XXX provides a daunting monotone melody of a bad relationship that captures a less provocative side of him.

As always, XXX isn’t shy too experiment with his vocals and instrumentals. “Looking For A Star” is the friendliest record filled with Afrobeat drums, overly edited vocals and some of the most fucked up synths that have blessed my ears. “Valentine” is also another interesting song. Slow-paced drums, short guitar riffs and distorted melodic vocals croon out over the beat that reminds me of Tyler, The Creators’ ‘BASTARD’ instrumentals. “RIP Roach” featuring $ki Mask the Slump God starts with a looped moaning sample before the beat drops viciously where he barks his bars that could only influence a manic mosh-pit.


What may be the most exciting songs on the album could be the Jazzy “Slipknot”. Juxtaposing the song title with the cool melancholic keys, although it does remind of their record “Snuff”, XXX raps breathlessly about love, friends who turn out being snakes and getting right with his mum.

What may be one of this generations most low-key artists has a lot of emotion and content to put out, which is evident. Disappointingly, the album is too short for him to be getting known amongst the masses as the majority of the tracks had already been released via streaming platform Soundcloud. However, now that his music is more freely available to listen too, it does allow XXX fans and critics to listen and demand more from him or fall off. It’s too early to put it out there, but with the demand for new music becoming more and more addictive for fans, who knows where XXX’s career could go from here.



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