T-Wayne – Self-Titled Review

Well, surrounding a much public lawsuit, suffering seizures yet still pushing out some content, the unmissable duo of R&B Auto-tune pioneer T-Pain and Lil Wayne finally released their much anticipated collaborative album ‘T-Wayne’ last night. Thanks to T-Pain, fans of both artists can feel nostalgic listening to lost and unheard records between Waynes’ ‘Tha Carter 3′ and T-Pains’ ‘Three Ringz’ days.

Finally, before getting to the review, the wave of nostalgia this album brings is just amazing. While it’s essentially old ‘new’ Wayne and Pain, it’s just great to know that some shelved projects eventually get to see the light. From the very beginning verses from T-Wayne on “He Rap He Sang”, the energetic duo trade bars about their dominance of the rap game, their sex life and that the two of them were an undisputed duo set to release an album. “Listen To Me”, the second track on the album, samples the ‘Oompa Loompa’ theme song from Willy Wonka and switches up to a high-pitched synth and fierce horns that give way for T-Pain not to only give one of his hardest verses on the tapes, but Wayne’s flow and lyrics give me chills and remind me of his mixtape ‘No Ceilings’. However, the heaviest-orientated Hip-Hop track on this album is the Houston-vibe “Heavy Chevy”.

In typical Wayne and Pain fashion as well, they also provide vivid and personal R&B records, which, I’m surprised were never released. “Damn Damn Damn” is exactly how I feel when I’m listening to this project. Wayne and T-Pain provide over-the-top auto-tuned vocals, harmonising and ‘singing’ of female companionship. “Waist Of A Wasp” is another smooth R&B/Hip-Hop song following the previous. T-Pain gets the track started by being blunt with his desired chick by “fucking her in the kitchen” as well as providing a chorus you can’t help but screw your face up too.


Surprisingly, the solo T-Pain track, “Oh Yeah” is just straight up savage and head-bopping as hell. The only feature on the album is additional background vocals courtesy of Young Money signee Shannell on “Breathe”. However, the song that stands out amongst the light but cohesive project is “Snap Ya Fangaz “. Laced with melodic guitar strings, romanticised synths and amazing chemistry between the artists on this track, it only proves the world needed this project.

In all, the project is literally music to my ears. The creative spark between the two resonates on every song and captures the same feeling I got from hearing the two on previous efforts together, “Got Money”, “Hoes & Ladies” and feature on Tech N9nes’ ‘All 6s & 7s”-cut “Fuck Food”. Hopefully, this isn’t all that was recorded between the two and more unreleased tracks will surface.


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