Salva – Peacemaker Review

Electronic LA-based producer, Salva, released his debut album ‘Peacemaker’ in 2014. Already having built a name for himself on Soundcloud as well as being signed Fool’s Gold and working extensively with Nick Hook, Salva was destined for greatness. His production style varies from House, Electronic, Hip-Hop and R&B and throughout his first full-length LP, he shows off his malicious beats from “Trap Back” to more mellowed tracks like “Freaky Dancing”.

At fifteen-tracks long, it contains some of the most exciting and unexpected collaborations that came out that year. Not only that, but it also shows that Salva chooses artists who he knows will compliment that particular beat. The first collaboration I wasn’t expecting on the album, as well as too like as much as I do, is Glo Gang’s own Ballout and Tadoe on “Child Pak”. Providing their own Chiraq flow and heavily drug and trap-esque lyrics over thunderous keys, apocalyptic horns and raunchy snares and hi-hats, it’s already one of the most turnt and catchy songs.

The trio of Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs and A$AP Ferg on the ‘Friday The 13th’ type instrumental “Old English”, is another standout. Not only does it contain three of the hardest verses on the album, as well as an amazing contradiction of voice, lyrics and overall style, but it also shows off Salva’s multiple inspirations through Trap drums, Electronic organ keys that juxtapose the genre that all artists are associated with.


Other songs that stand out for their instrumentals as well as guest features is the second Freddie Gibbs featured “Magic” alongside Psyde. His sample of Eazy-E’s “Boyz In Da Hood” on “Drop That Bitch” is also another fun and wicked track to wild out too as he enlists, ScHoolBoy Q, Kurupt and others for another album standout. The opening song, “Freaking U” is another great entry into the album for it’s glitchy guitar strings and panning of instruments. However, it is Starship Connection’s synthesised vocal contribution to the track that zenith it.

In all, the album’s exploding with a lake of sounds. Multiple inspirations take form throughout, whether it be in a certain part of the instrumental, how it’s been mixed or the guest features. It’s no doubt, a solid album, however, it could’ve had some tracks cut off or at least…more intriguing additional vocals.


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