Mac Demarco – This Old Dog Review

Alike to a few days ago when I reviewed Bryson Tiller’s impressive debut album, ‘TRAPSOUL’, I’m in the same situation now. I’m aware of Mac through recommended YouTube videos as well as having listened to his ‘Salad Days’ album once. However, for a real change, I’m going to dissect his latest album.

Starting with the opening track, “My Old Man”, beginning with crispy hi-hats, light acoustic strings and slurred vocals of similarities that Mac and his “old man” in himself. Whether it be “outside holding her hand” or “all the steps” that got him where he is today or how he acts around people is because of his likeliness to his father. The next song that grabs my interest is the smooth, modern Pink Floyd-esque “For the First Time” with echoed psychedelic keys, Jazz club bassline and Mac’s monotone but captivating voice.

What I like about this album as well as Demarco’s sound is the various influences on his songwriting, instrumentals as well as how he delivers his vocals. Throughout the album, he talks of heartbreak, “Still Beating”, living life with no regrets and making the most of it on “Dreams from Yesterday” or speaking about success and reaching “On the Level” that Mac never imagined too see himself “from the other side”.


Evidently across the album, Mac explores common themes that are popular within his genre. Sex, relationships, drugs, romance, depression and admirations for themselves. Although not every song on the album reels me into the weird world that Mac depicts on this album, but it interests me enough to look through his back catalogue and be excited for future releases from him.


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