Lil Yachty – Teenage Emotions Review

Lil Yachty has come from nothing too being one of the most in-demand featured artists, face for the younger (un-caring for Hip-Hop) generation of fans of the culture. On Boats debut album, he stays true to the concept of ‘Teenage Emotions’. The 19 year-old explores sexuality, his place in Hip-Hop, working for “Better” situations and the extravagant advantages of the lifestyle he lives.

Starting off with the weird, Pop-psychedelic-Trap “Like A Star”, Yachty brags about “fucking six different whores”, which I’m sure he should get checked out for, as well as living a luxurious position, asking why people hate on him for being a young role model. Yachty’s attempt of taking on Auto-Tune doesn’t help him his presumptuous lyrics that are as memorable as a goldfish’s memory. Another solo song that stands out on the album is “Dirty Mouth”. Over murderous keys, machine-gun clapping hi-hats and rattling bass, Yachty goes in over how his chick “sucks dick like a baby bottle” (HOW) and how he doesn’t care what he says or how he affects the culture, all he wants is “his check”. Another song that turns up that I was interested by was the Wondagurl-produced “Lady In Yellow”, which has dark drums, mysterious synths and cloudy vocals from Yachty asking for a girl too finally “chill with” him.

There are a selection of interesting songs that ended up on the album. “Harley” produced by K Swisha, “Say My Name”, which I was surprised too enjoy briefly until he the last verse where his vocals are so distorted that it’s irritating, yet for Yachty’s aesthetic, he gets away with it.


His collaboration with Diplo, “Forever Young”, containing some of Yachty’s most…painful lyrics to listen too, yet, the production is top notch and hearing this play in clubs, bars over the summer is expected. By the last 5-6 songs, the album starts too become heavy with wasted tracks and songs that could’ve easily stayed in a vault. However, of the last few songs, the one that caught me was “X Men”. However, it’s similar in rap-style too previous tracks on the album (“DN Freestyle”, “Peek A Boo”).

Too my surprise, I’m not a fan of the album, but I can understand the traction the album will get. It’s lyrics are easy too remember and don’t require much breakdown of what he is trying to get across on tracks, but Yachty’s enthusiasm of incorporating different genres and having the majority of the album with solo tracks. Although, out of the 21 tracks on this album, the majority of them don’t have much replay value in the long-run.


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