2 Chainz – PGLTM Review

The ever evolving artist, originally named Tity Boi, now, is one of the most in=demand featured Hip-Hop artists, enthusiast of some of “the mooryst expensive shit” and is now the charismatic MC, 2 Chainz. Since his debut ‘Based On A T.R.U. Story’ LP, Chainz has continuously through the years reinvented himself over his solo-effort projects, as well as a collaborative project with “the best rapper alive”. ‘Pretty Girls ūüĎ欆Trap Music’ is filled with various influences of past and present Hip-Hop/Trap and R&B. Whether it be Travis Scott’s excessive auto-tuned vocals on the hyped-up Murda Beatz produced “4AM” or the odd Asian-inspired Pharrell assisted “Bailan”, in-between the smoked out Chainz verses, smooth guest verses and¬†out of the ordinary¬†instrumentals, the sound and direction of the album is an interesting one too listen to.

The opening record, “Saturday Night” is a smooth and reliable instrumental filled with heavy Rock guitar strings and light but aggressive snare claps produced by Mike WiLL Made-It and Ducko McFli. Chainz ‘s flow is slow but motivated and hungry too let his competition and peers to know that although he’s boxed into the ‘mumble rappers’¬† and how he was unfairly “charged by Luda to dip”. Although it doesn’t necessarily relate to the dark yet enlightening title name of the album, it shows off the aggression and passion that he has for the industry as well as his motivation for Hip-Hop’s ‘C U L T U R E’. While the subject matters, rhyme schemes, lyrics and flows aren’t in anyway evolutional for the genre or change the soundscape for Trap, there are some lowkey entertaining Chainz verses, amazing production and standout moments on the project. Production wise, the first beat that stands out is “Riverdale Rd”. Chainz relives the Trap and how he came from “getting bands” to “grams to Grammys”.


The highlights of this project come from the occasional guest verse or the influence Trap now has on the mainstream music industry. One of the songs that cement this is the raunchy collaboration between TY$, Trey Songz and Jhene Aiko on the finger-clicking and jumpy guitar-led “It’s A Vibe”. Not only do the featured artists provide smooth melodic verses of sexual desires, but 2 Chainz verse is a swaggy and fun as hell verse to listen and rap along too. Aiko’s contribution to the track is the sexiest and most unexpected feature on the album as well.¬†¬†However, Chainz’s solo efforts, “OG Kush Diet”, “Sleep When U Die” and “Rolls Royce Bitch” are all standouts for their aggressive production styles as well as the energy that allows Chainz to push out this content.

In all, not only is the album a LP primarily for those who are die-hard fans of the sub-genre of ‘Trap’, but also, an ode to ‘The Trap’. Whether it be the production handled by The Honorable C-Note or un-credited OJ Da Juiceman vocals, 2 Chainz created the album with the purpose to expose, commercially, a friendlier Trap sound.


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