Big Boi – Boomiverse Review

One of the most significant Southern rappers for his contributions to the legendary group and forever timeless discography alongside André 3000 in Outkast; Big Boi returns to the scene with a devilishly addictive album. Not only do we hear ‘Daddy Fat Saxxx’ over Organized Noize production once again, but we also have Mannie Fresh, Scott Storch, TM88 and DJ Dahi instrumentals throughout. As well as production notes being exciting, guest appearances also add undeniable dope flavour of dopeness to the album. Whether it’s a killer Killer Mike verse or late Pimp C vocals, the album oozes out great music.

Beginning with the Big Rube outro-assisted “Da Next Day” is filled with gritty drums, bouncy horns and a reflective verse from Big Boi to start the album off. He looks back on his influence of the rap game. Comparing himself too “a broad” for working so hard and keeps “soul searching” for his rightful place in the elite MC’s.

As the album progresses, seeing immediate highlights like “Kill Jill” and “Order of Operations”, Big Boi’s development as a solo artist is unfathomable. Not only does the legendary MC incorporate and bring to the table his normal Southern sound, but also experiment with Nu-Jazz and R&B. While tracks like “All Night”, “Mic Jack” and “Chocolate” are all radio friendly and use elements of the genres previously mentioned, these tracks in particular add no weight or interest to the overall sound of the project.


“Made Man”, “Freakanomics” and “Follow Deez”, the final three tracks of the album, are the most gripping instrumentally, guest features and Big Boi’s timeless flows and charismatic bars.

In all, it’s a great LP and only proves that the Big Boi as a solo artist has as much potential to receive acclaim and keep the sound that Outkast started as relevant as it was when they first appeared on the scene. While not all the songs intrigue me, it is definitely one of my favourite Hip-Hop projects to drop this year.


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